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Online Retreat

Dec. 28 - 30, 2021 & Jan. 4 - 6, 2022

a sacred online space for women who seek ways to rest, release and restore

The Healing Journey Online Retreat: Willkommen


The Healing Journey was born from a deep longing for a healing community, a connection to nature’s innate ebb and flow, and a desire to offer a more holistic, grounded and light-hearted approach to healing.

This year's journey is a co-creation. We, that's Sophie and Cory, are passionate earth & ocean lovers who believe in the wisdom of our bodies and a holistic approach to healing. We have put hearts and hands together for you to create a healing immersion that offers the opportunity to navigate back into connection with yourself and with the rhythms of life.

The Healing Journey in-person retreat, which was scheduled for November in Morocco, unfortunately had to be canceled. We were so looking forward to it, but it was not meant to be. We had prepared ourselves emotionally and mentally for this along the way. So while we were still sad and a little shocked, to be very honest, about how suddenly, once more, flights were canceled from one day to the next, we trusted that everything would be fine - we’re talking about a deep sense of trust that we had both planted the seeds for long before.

The Healing Journey Online Retreat: Über mich


While we are currently not able to travel across the physical borders of our countries, we can safely journey together using technology as a privilege and true gift, granting us the chance to connect, share and hold space for each other during these times of change.

And while we are still looking forward to when we will be able to meet in person for this adventure of diving deep, we felt that the times are calling for sacred spaces in which we come together to hold each other, exploring what needs to be released and restored, and how to embrace the good things coming.

The invitation goes out to all who are deeply longing to reconnect, heal and grow. 

So here we are. Here it is. The invitation for you to join, just as you are.

The Healing Journey Online Retreat: Über mich


What connects us both is not only a deep passion for growth and support, but also our innate love for the ocean and for learning to trust and follow our own rhythms in a gentle, loving way.

The Healing Journey Online Retreat: Über mich


Especially since becoming a mom herself, Sophie has felt a deep passion for helping women find the time and space to rest. Knowing of her own challenges she has decided to share these with the hope to be of support for other mothers and caretakers to learn the importance of taking the right care of yourself and to give yourself the permission to rest and find helpful ways of nourishment. Her background as a yoga teacher and reiki practitioner has offered her many tools that she keeps using for her own well-being, which she is enjoys sharing with others.

The Healing Journey Online Retreat: Über uns
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Cory creates wholesome spaces from her own heart, where people feel held, supported and listened to. With her trauma-sensitive and informed approach, everything is an invitation and allows individuals to access the power both within themselves and as a conscious, loving community. Grateful for the wisdom she has been gifted on her own journey of healing, she finds true joy and meaning in supporting others on their individual paths, offering resources and guidance to help navigate through overwhelm, pain, fear and transitions.

The Healing Journey Online Retreat: Über uns


We are looking forward to holding space for you on this part of your journey and to offer support through accessible tools and practices - ones which have been invaluable throughout our own journeys - and guiding you through the exploration along the way.

Although The Healing Journey Retreat, Morocco is open to all genders, we felt the call to create a safe, online space exclusively for women. A space for women of all paths and backgrounds.

This retreat experience will weave together different healing modalities, from gentle yoga and breathwork, to simple practices in recognising and working with your own energy, whilst keeping each session accessible to all levels and experiences. All will be in suport of reconnecting with our bodies and our felt sense from a trauma-sensitive and informed approach, and everything will be an invitation. 

We are certain that you’ll come away from this experience with a number of holistic resources that will allow you to go deep within yourself, and continue to use day-to-day on your own healing journey.

The Healing Journey Online Retreat: Über mich


We will meet for two hours on six afternoons - three before the end of the Year, and three in the first week of the New Year. We will embrace the ending of one year - releasing what is no longer needed, and making space for the beautiful beginning of a new year - deeply restoring, ready for the new path that awaits us.


Tuesday 28th December 2021

Wednesday 29th December 2021

Thursday 30th December 2021


Tuesday 4th January 2022

Wednesday 5th January 2022

Thursday 6th January & 2022


16.00-18.00 UK time/GMT

17.00-19.00 European Standard time/CET

11:00-13:00 EST

It would be wonderful if you can join us live as there is great power in coming together at the same time. We are also aware that set times can cause extra pressure, something that we do not want. 

Recordings of each session will be available for you to access throughout the month of January, and as a gift from us, you will also receive a guided meditation at the end of the immersion, which you can download and keep.

The Healing Journey Online Retreat: Über mich


Your experience includes:

  • 6 x 2 hour online sessions on selected dates in December ‘21 & January ‘22

  • Access to recordings of all sessions for the month of January

  • A guided meditation audio track to download & keep

£190 or € 220

​To guarantee an intimate and personalised experience, 
12 spaces are available.

The Healing Journey Online Retreat: Über mich
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