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~ Morocco ~

Release & Restore

* date postponed *

For so many the past one and a half years have been immensely challenging. For some it has changed their lives to the core. As everyone has had their own, individual experience, it will have left a deep imprint on all of us most likely. An imprint in our hearts, in our minds, and in our bodies too.

In the midst of uncertainty, we are taking a bold and courageous step into creating our future. If you feel that you are ready for some deep, sustainable, long lasting change, we welcome you to join The Healing Journey.

The Healing Journey MOROCCO: Willkommen


Aloha and marhaba

THE HEALING JOURNEY was originally born in 2018, where my deep longing for creating a healing community, my connection to the ocean and my desire to offer a more holistic, grounded and light-hearted approach to healing all came together and interwined into a unique offer.

This year's journey is a co-creation, which I am very grateful for. We, that's Sophie and I, are passionate earth & ocean lovers who believe in the wisdom of our bodies and a holistic approach to healing. We have put hearts and hands together for you to create a healing journey by the sea that offers the right space, time and environment to help you find back into connection with yourself and with the rhythms of life.

The invitation goes out to all who are deeply longing to reconnect, heal and grow. The retreat will be held in English and German depending on languages all participants speak – support in both languages will be available at all times.

We look forward to welcoming you to ten days - or even two full weeks - of exploring, learning, healing and fun.

The Healing Journey MOROCCO: Über mich

"Where the land meets the sea
that is where you will find me."

The Healing Journey MOROCCO: Zitat

Your journey will begin long before we will meet in Morocco. It might be starting right now while reading this offer. To help you prepare we will meet about a week before your plane takes off. An opportunity to get to know everyone so that when we finally meet, you will be no strangers to each other.

We will also gather again a few weeks after we have all returned home. Your journey does not end with leaving Morocco. That might actually only be the beginning, and I want you to feel supported afterwards as well. Please allow the space for this time before and after the retreat.

Your home away from home during our stay, Villa Azhar (which means luminous in Arabic), is nestled into the hills of the village of Tamraght, about half an hour north of Agadir right by the southern Moroccan Atlantic coast. You will find your own room with private bathroom waiting for you upon arrival. A place where you can always retreat to for rest and reflection. Meals will be served in a cozy corner on the roof terrace, and our group sessions will also take place under the wide Moroccan sky with fresh air to nourish and nurture our bodies and our souls.

Our activities will vary from day to day, offering a variety of choices to explore and experience what serves you, while working with a rhythm that supports calm transitions and plenty of opportunities for rest and reflection. Throughout the retreat we will weave together different modalities reaching from gentle yoga and breath practices all the way to working with the energy of the ocean and the land. All will be in support of reconnecting with our bodies and our felt sense. Everything will be an invitation.

The Healing Journey MOROCCO: Über mich
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Finding strength, calm, connection, hope and trust

after a year of challenges, change,

and possibly deep sorrow and fear.

Joining together in community,

with love, trust and mutual appreciation,

sharing space, sharing story, and sharing practice.

With the help of each other, momma ocean and the mountains,

releasing what is ready to go, restoring what was lost along the way,

and recharging for the season of winter.

Finding love and gratitude in our

bodies, hearts and minds.

Exploring together and each for themselves lessons learned

and our relationship with change.

In a safe, nurturing place

where you are held, taken care of and cared for.

The Healing Journey MOROCCO: Über mich


Sophie is originally from Wales, a yoga teacher, reiki practitioner and momma of beautiful one-year-old Nora. Together with her husband Morad she has created a home in Morocco where they built the surf and yoga villa Azhar – a place for those who are longing for a space to wind down, relax and feel inspired. They will be our host and will provide us not only with cozy and safe accommodation and delicious meals, but also invite us into the ocean to discover the many gifts of surfing.

The Healing Journey MOROCCO: Über uns
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Cory is a yoga & breath teacher and lomi practitioner. Born in the USA she grew up in the beautiful state of Vermont as well as in northern Germany and has been commuting between Hanover and Morocco for the past four and a half years. She offers traumasensitive body- and breathwork as well as coaching, with a focus on regulating and strengthening the nervous system and helping you to find and create resources for your journey through life. She will lead and guide us on this unique journey.

The Healing Journey MOROCCO: Über uns


10 nights at Villa Azhar by Azrac Surf Morocco with the option to extend for an extra four days for reflection, rest and integration

Your private room with en-suite bathroom

Daily breakfast & lunch packs 

8 Family-style dinners

Herbal tea & water station at the Villa

Daily sessions held and guided by Cory, ranging from morning walks to traumainformed yoga, breath work, meditation and relaxation practices, to journaling and circle work - always in correspondence with the activities planned for the day and the energy of the group

Communal healing session with Sophie and Cory

Three days of surf lessons with all material / water guidance (no experience necessary)

Visit to an argan cooperative where we will learn how argan oil, Morocco’s liquid gold, is made

Hiking trip to Paradise Valley & excursion to the seaside city of Essaouira

Trip to the souk (the local weekly market) to buy fresh produce for our Moroccan cooking class

Airport transfer from and to Agadir airport on designated arrival & departure days


Coming together online before and after the retreat and staying in communication in between (via the free ‘Signal’ messenger app)

Packing advice, travel safety guidance & support (incl. Covid measures)

Shared local knowledge & the experience of authentic culture

And maybe most importantly, a safe, loving, non-judgemental space for healing with amazing, wonderful human souls, adventure, joy and light-heartedness. The experience of community and support, of witnessing and being seen, of holding and being held, and lots of fun as the cherry on top of this lush, once-in-lifetime journey.

(Please note that weather and water conditions might ask for some changes and adaptations along the way.)

The Healing Journey MOROCCO: Über mich


The price for THE HEALING JOURNEY from Nov. 15 - 25, 2021

is € 1775.

You can book your 4-day extension (Nov. 25 - 29, 2021) for € 180 - a special rate only for retreat participants. All meals are included, and the team will be available for you during that time should you need us.

In order for the retreat to take place, we require a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 7 participants.

The Healing Journey MOROCCO: Über mich


Your flights​

Mandatory and recommended travel insurance

PCR tests (if applicable) 

Two evening meals during organised excursion days

And whatever you wish to buy along the way. You will not need much, but we suggest you have some spare pocket money as you might find yourself tempted to indulge in some yummy goodies and bring home some memories to share.

The Healing Journey MOROCCO: Über mich


Once you feel that THE HEALING JOURNEY is for you, simply get in touch and you will receive all retreat details and booking information via email. 

In order to securely book your spot, we will ask you to pay a non-refundable deposit of € 100, with the remaining amount to be paid closer to the arrival date. We have every intention of running the retreat, but we are also aware that the travel guidelines might change due to Covid. More info on all of this will be shared in our info session. You can also contact Cory with your individual questions at any time.

We are happy to answer all your questions and walk you through the whole process which we understand can feel a little intimidating. We are here to support you and make you feel taken care of from beginning to the end. Your and our safety will always have priority.

The Healing Journey MOROCCO: Über mich
The Healing Journey MOROCCO: Pro Gallery
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